Tribute to Dr Van Helsdingen October 14, 2021

Dear All, we very sadly need to announce the death of one of our most loved and revered Gyn and Obs teachers, Dr Van Helsdingen. He was 88 years old. He was a beautiful classic doctor who believed in listening to and examining patients, using hands on approaches rather that reliance on machines. He was the kind of consultant who, while as a registrar you were presenting the woman as having a breech presentation, he would be faffing around and then he would suggest you re-examine the patient, on which he had surreptitiously done a ECV! He prepared many of us for our part two examinations and was an outstanding gynaecological surgeon and extremely skilled in all obstetric procedures. He was available 24/7 for advice and support and was deeply loved by his patients and highly regarded by his colleagues. I had the deepest respect for him, he taught me so much and inspired me to become the best doctor I could be, as he did for many others. He did a huge amount of medico-legal work, always with the greatest fairness, clarity and insight. He was skilled, kind, compassionate and a brilliant man with an outstanding mind and intellect. May he rest in peace and may he know that his contribution to the world was extraordinary and deeply appreciated. With warm regards Lyn

Lynette Denny

Professor and Chair

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Groote Schuur Hospital/University of Cape Town

H45 Old Main Building. Observatory, 7925

Cape Town, South Africa

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