Members have several avenues to engage with authorities regarding legal issues; complaints or concerns

SASOG Peer Review:

The primary purpose of peer review is to improve the quality and safety of care. Peer review supports the processes that assure medical practitioners are competent and practice within the boundaries of professionally accepted norms.

Running a successful medical practice, with all the requirements to conform to the minimal standards of ethical practice is occasionally difficult, this despite the best intentions of the practitioner.

The aim of the peer review process is to offer a service to patients and medical professionals where grievances have been raised to intervene as a third party for dispute resolution.

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Expert Opinion Panel (EOP) In Obstetrics and Gynaecology:

The EOP is an independent, neutral body whose sole function is to render scientific evidence-based, unbiased and accurate opinions by Experts in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology. The Experts are qualified in their field;  recognised by their peers as experts and active in the aspect of obstetrics and /or gynaecology under review.

The primary aim of the EOP is to expedite, support and make available, undisputed and academic referenced reports for disputing parties in need for such service.

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HPCSA Professional Conduct Review Committee:

The HBCSA has the powers to institute inquiries into any complaint, charge or allegation of unprofessional conduct against any person registered under the Act (Health Professions Act 56 of 1974 (as amended)) , and on finding such person guilty of such conduct, to impose any of the penalties prescribed in Section 42 of the Act.

The Professional Conduct Review Committee of Council reviews reports on professional conduct inquiries and reports to the HPCSA and Professional Boards to keep them informed of the process and outcomes of professional conduct inquiries, with the ultimate aim of promoting a uniform approach to procedures, findings and the identification of those professional standards which require improvement.