Benefits of Membership Join SASOG

Elevate your professional journey by being a member of SASOG.

Ethical Excellence in Practice: Receive crucial guidance through SASOG's publications, including guidelines, positioning statements, practice documentation such as consent forms, patient information leaflets, patient delivery form and other documents.

Stay Informed with Ease: Keep abreast of the latest developments with the BetterOBS Newsletter, BetterOBS Matters, and the Journal Article Summary Service (JASS). SASOG’s innovative SASOG app and website offer easy access to vital resources, ensuring you're always in the loop.

Enhancing Education Standards: SASOG actively collaborates with academic institutions to uplift training standards in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Commitment to Continuing Professional Development: Benefit from our comprehensive CME events, including biennial congresses, national updates, and regional CPD meetings, enabling you to earn approximately 25 CPD points annually. Members have the added benefit of reduced rates for registration fees at the SASOG biennial congress.

Global and National Representation: SASOG advocates for South African Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, both nationally and internationally. SASOG offers medico-legal guidance to members as well as peer review services for ‘out of line’ colleagues, when required.

Improving Women's Health: SASOG addresses crucial women's health issues through its Academic Liaison Committee, a dedicated advocacy group within SASOG.

Building Strong Alliances: We maintain close cooperation with key organisations like College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa and the South African Representative Committee of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, in pursuit of our vision and the interest of our members. Organisations such as CMSA; RCOG; SAMA; HPCSA are represented on the SASOG Council.

A Voice in the Global Arena: As a proud member of FIGO, SASOG plays a significant role in international forums, including hosting the FIGO 2025 World Congress in Cape Town.

Empowering Your Business Acumen by being a member of GMG

GMG Relations: GMG collaborates with SASOG to the benefit of its shared membership,with GMG focusing on business aspects and SASOG on clinical aspects.

Collaborative Projects with SASOG: GMG's collaboration with SASOG focuses on business aspects, offering support in areas like coding, medico-legal matters, peer review and NHI discussions. GMG’s collaboration extends to the SASOG committees.

Negotiating on Your Behalf: GMG represents you in discussions with medical schemes, administrators, and hospitals, addressing issues like reimbursement, governance, managed care or fee-for-service proposals, coding and contracts.

Tailored Member Services: Get individual support in coding, billing, and practice efficiency, leveraging our partnership with KWest Consulting.

Industry Representation: GMG ensures your voice is heard in industry forums and stakeholder meetings.

Continuous Learning and Support: GMG provides support on coding, forensic audits, policy research and more, thereby providing insights for more efficient practice management.

Annual Practice Cost Studies: Recognising the importance of financial health for your practice, GMG conducts detailed annual practice cost studies. These studies, last undertaken by SAMA in 2018, are now a part of our commitment to you, offering valuable insights into optimising your practice's financial performance.

Medico-Legal Support: Understanding the complexities of medicolegal issues, GMG is proactive in seeking innovative solutions:

- Exploring Alternative Dispute Resolutions: We are actively exploring alternative dispute resolution methods to help you navigate medicolegal disputes more efficiently and cost-effectively. This approach aims to resolve conflicts amicably, reducing the need for lengthy and costly legal proceedings.

Drafting Mediation and Arbitration Clauses: To further support our members, GMG has developed specific mediation and arbitration clauses. These are designed to provide a structured and fair process for resolving disputes, ensuring that you have the necessary legal safeguards in place.