Benefits of Membership Join SASOG

Membership to SASOG:

Means strength in numbers: Being a member of SASOG means that the organisastion can speak as one voice and advocate for issues that matter to you on your behalf.

Enables your representation on SASOG decision-making forums and daughter societies

Will enable you to influence the course of the profession.

Engagement with like-minded professionals

Leadership opportunities through being a member of the Council; the various committees or SASOG’s daughter organisations.

Entitles you to receive a regular newsletter keeping members up to date with current research, events, courses and more

Provides you with access to guidelines and protocols developed by the Society.

Provides assistance with legal matters and access to the Expert Opinion Panel in cases of litigation

Provides access to newly-released global research and journal articles

Information on local and global events

Access to research grants and suchlike

Discounted rates at the national congress and annual refresher courses

Discounted rates at other courses and workshops