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OBITUARY 1953-2022 Prof Roland Edgar (Eddie) Mhlanga

It is with a deep sense of sadness that I write this obituary about my dear colleague and…

Tribute to Prof Eddie Xijekana Mhlanga.

It is with a great sadness that SASOG has learnt of the untimely passing of Prof Eddie…

Dr Malikah Van Der Schyff elected to SAMA Board

Congratulations to Dr M Van Der Schyff, SASOG Secretary, for being elected to the SAMA Board.  

Commission for Gender Equality is wrong: Covid-19 vaccination is vital for women’s health.

The Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) seemingly disregards the fact that pregnant women (and their unborn babies) are at a much greater risk of dying if they are unvaccinated. It fails to appreciate that one in six unvaccinated pregnant women admitted to hospital in South Africa with Covid-19 infection requires mechanical ventilation, and one in 16 has a fatal outcome.

SASOG rubbishes CGE statement

A statement by the Council of Gender equality (CGE) on mandatory vaccines is flawed.


The GMG Executive Commitee: Dr CD Mashiloane (Chairperson) Dr JP du Buisson (CEO) Dr M Van Der…

SA Law Reform Commission Discussion Paper 154

SA Law Reform Commission Discussion Paper 154. Click HERE to access the Paper. The request for comments…

Association Between Menstrual Cycle Length and COVID-19 Vaccination

The findings of this study and the conclusions drawn by the authors that there is no clinically meaningful change in menstrual cycle length associated with COVID-19 vaccination is very reassuring.

FIGO Representation for SASOG Members

SASOG is very proud to be represented on nine of the FIGO Committees.

New study on the causes of Cerebral Palsy may have far-reaching impact on medico-legal outcomes

A new paper on Cerebral Palsy, published in the South African Medical Journal, challenges commonly held views on the subject and suggests that the causes of this tragic condition may be far more complex and multi-faceted. Commonly held assumptions that CP arises as a direct result of preventable adverse events during childbirth inform the current paradigm within South African medico-legal cases, in which the focus is almost exclusively on events during childbirth (intrapartum events).