SASOG Council Elections

Call for Nominations - Election of Council Members for 2024 - 2026


It is time to elect a new SASOG Council to serve under the Presidency of Prof Ismail Bhorat for the triennium 2024 – 2026. We call upon members to make yourself available for nomination or nominate a candidate who will work to ensure that SASOGremains a relevant and effective society serving its members. 

  • Nominees must be a SASOG Ordinary Member (pubic or private sector) in good standing and must declare their willingness to serve if elected.
  • The person nominating the candidate must also be a SASOG Ordinary Member (pubic or private sector) in good standing. 
  • Members will be able to nominate and vote for candidates from their own regions.


Should a member be in arrears with their 2023 Membership fees they will have until 27 December 2023 to settle their account to be eligible in the election process.

The following numbers of council members must be elected per region:

To nominate your candidate for election please complete the link below.

SASOG unequivocally espouses the principles of freedom and fairness; social justice and equality and calls upon all its members to participate in a spirit that reaffirms these ideals.