O&G Forum Volume 30, Issue 3, 2020 January 22, 2021


Prof Greta Dreyer


• Riding the waves


• Tribute to Prof Martin Marivate 1934-2020


  • COVID-19 in Pregnancy: Update on the Disease and its Management
  • Clinician’s guide to perineal and obstetric anal sphincter injury
  • Anaesthetic considerations in the pregnant patient with COVID-19 diseaseORIGINAL RESEARCH
  • The success rate of vaginal birth after a single caesarean delivery at King Edward VIII Hospital, Durban, South Africa
  • Recent concepts in Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR)
  • An audit of laboratory test utilization practices in a high care obstetric unit – is it appropriate and what are the cost implications?
  • Thyroid disorders in pregnancy: A prospective study from coastal south IndiaOPINION

    • COVID-19 in the WITS academic circuit

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