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A proposed fetal risk scoring system for gestational diabetes to assist in optimising timing of delivery

Background. The pathophysiology of gestational diabetes, which is related to abnormal gluocose tolerance and hyperinsulinaemia, renders standard…

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Cerebral palsy and criteria implicating intrapartum hypoxia in neonatal encephalopathy – an obstetric perspective for the South African setting

The science surrounding cerebral palsy (CP) indicates that it is a complex medical condition with multiple contributing variables and factors, and causal pathways are often extremely difficult to delineate.

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The contribution of placental histopathology in investigating adverse pregnancy outcome

Why does adverse pregnancy outcome often remain unexplained?
There may be poor correlation between maternal indicators of infection and placental findings.
Placental causes of foetal and perinatal death may be clinically silent, e.g. delayed villous maturation or foetal vascular malperfusion (FVM).
Intrauterine growth restriction has a multifactorial aetiology related to foetal, maternal and placental pathology.