Call for Nominations for SASOG Council Regional Representatives

The three-year term of the current SASOG Council is drawing to a close. It is time to elect a new council for the triennium 2021- 2023. As a society we face a number of important challenges and a strong team is required to take the society forward. You are called upon to strengthen our society by either making yourself available for nomination or nominating a candidate who will work to ensure that SASOG remains a vibrant, relevant and effective society.

Members are urged to acquaint themselves with the rules and regulations governing the election process and in particular the 6 separate electoral regions that together, constitute SASOG Council. The election will encompass 6 separate regional elections, conducted and collated under the aegis of Election sub-committee of SASOG Council. Members will be able to nominate and vote for candidates from their region. A copy of the constitution is posted on the SASOG website .

A nominee must be an ordinary member in good standing (as must the proposer). Nominees will have to declare their willingness to serve if elected.

Currently there are 756 ordinary SASOG members and the following numbers of council members must therefore be elected per region:

N-Gauteng               164 Members - 3 Representatives

S-Gauteng                212 Members - 4 Representatives

KwaZulu                   130 Members - 2 Representatives

Free State                  50 Members - 1 Representative

W-Cape                    165 Members - 3 Representatives

E-Cape                       35 Members - 1 Representative

The election which will take place electronically will be conducted according to the following time frame. A link to participate in the election will be sent by email by 17 March 2021.

Announce election:                         01/02/2021
Call for nominations:                      03/03/2021
Closing date for nominations:      12/03/2021
Election:                                            17/03/2021 to 31/03/2021
Closing date for votes:                   31/03/2021
Announcement of results:             05/04/2021

SASOG unequivocally espouses the principles of freedom and fairness; social justice and equality and calls upon all of its members to participate in a spirit that reaffirms these ideals.

Please click HERE for access to the nomination form. Nominations must be submitted no later than 16h00 on 12/03/2015 to

Yours sincerely

Prof Priya Soma-Pillay
Hon. Secretary SASOG & Elections Sub-Committee